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CMS is a necessity, and not just for e-commerce sites. Web development companies the world over widely utilize custom CMS web applications. CMS streamlines website management through multiple user support and different permission levels. Depending on their permission level, users can edit or modify the website’s content, data, and applications.

There are four elements that represent an effective CMS platform: dependable, flexible, cost-effective, and highly discoverable. But even with their popularity, these CMS platforms still have limitations

What’s the Right CMS Platform for your Website?

Popular CMS include WordPress, Magento, and Joomla. Most of these CMS are open-source and offer unique solutions and toolsets depending on their specializations. WordPress is perhaps the most user-friendly CMS, powering more than 30 percent of websites around the world. Joomla has a steep learning curve but it has extensive capabilities that are highly customizable. Magento is the first choice of many for e-commerce CMS. It also has a learning curve but has extensive features available out-of-the-box. .

  • Open API Search engine-friendliness of the platform
  • The time you are willing to expend on
  • CMS development and maintenance
  • User-friendly with an easy navigational structure
  • The size and range of capabilities of your website
  • The flexibility of the CMS and its capability to scale for future enhancements
  • Out-of-the-box capabilities (especially plugins)
  • Cost of monthly plans (including hosting costs)

New Functionality Doesn’t Always Mean New CMS

Switching CMS isn’t a decision to take lightly. There are just several instances where you’ll need to switch your CMS include:

  • When you found a cheaper option with the same capabilities
  • When your current CMS is sluggish and impending on your website’s performance
  • When your current CMS doesn’t support your website’s new design
  • When the CMS has far too many limitations and the only way for it to meet your needs is through extensive development
  • When you want to transfer to a CMS platform that supports self-hosting.

If existing CMS platforms still doesn’t meet your needs, you can commission for a custom CMS built from scratch. Custom CMS often provide a better fit for the demands of your websites. Jrango Technologiesalso provides CMS design and development. You can contact us for a custom quote.

The Cost of CMS Integration
Lounge Lizard offers custom pricing for all our CMS packages. The average cost of CMS packages varies widely depending on how web development companies offer said packages. There are free/complimentary packages, packages paid on a monthly basis, and packages that are priced per feature or range of services.

Several of the paid packages can be quite expensive especially custom CMS packages. LJrango Technologies custom CMS packages start at N300,000 without any hidden charges. We’ll walk you through every step of the way. From platform selection to integration. Your needs are our priority, that’s why your opinion matters throughout the process.

Jrango Technologies CMS Services: More Than CMS Integration

Aside from basic CMS services, Jrango Technologies provides additional CMS support including:

  • Custom solutions that fit your needs and goals
  • Support for web integration from different CMS platforms
  • Dedicated CMS web developer team
  • Dedicated SEO specialist team
  • Marketing tools and strategies

Custom solutions may mean either leveraging on open-source CMS platforms or a CMS built from the ground up. Whatever it is, Jrango Technologies team of highly experienced web developers and SEO experts will make sure that you’ll be able to get the most out of your CMS without at an affordable price.

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